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Care with Contractors (Important)

We ask our members to be aware and that we are advised, there are some legal but very expensive companies operating in the area and cold calling at peoples doors for business.

We ask all our members to be aware that in Spain cold calling (knocking on peoples doors) is not a usual recognised way of doing business.

We also advise all members that it is highly recommended that before accepting any work, it is prudent to obtain at least a couple of separate quotations from reputable companies.

1. To see if the work really needs to be done.
2. To compare prices before deciding which company you would prefer to carry out the work, if it is necessary.

On legal grounds we are not allowed to broadcast the names of any companies that appear to be offering very high priced or non essential work to be done.

As usual we therefore ask all our members to be vigilant and careful of who you let into your property without an appointment

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