Fire Risk

High Risk of Fires over the Summer Period

Published 9th June 2016

During the main Summer months – June until mid October we are always in the HIGH RISK period for wild fires – a RED alert period.

ALL fires are banned. No fires may be lit what so ever.

It is illegal to light fireworks without the correct licence. It is also a fire hazard.

In some areas of Spain all agricultural burns and bonfires, BBQs, motor vehicles and tools are prohibited within 500m of forestal areas.

In some areas, people will still be able to get a licence to burn BUT these have very strict rules attached. CHECK WITH YOUR AYUNTIMIENTO FIRST.

If you see any suspicious smoke, or any unattended or out-of-control fires, do not hesitate and call 112 immediately. The authorities would rather get many calls for a false alarm rather than miss an illegal fire that turns into a wild fire.

Call the police on 608 962 567 if you see fireworks being let off on Cumbre and report where they are being lit.

Many Residents will well remember the Summer 2014 fire on Cumbre was started with a spark from an angle grinder, and swept from Lirios to the top of the mountain and took 12 hours to completely extinguish. Do not let that happen again.

Call 112 the emergency number if you see a fire.IMG_0089


The Fires happen again, though this time far worse than 2014.

4th, 5th, 6th September 2016

What began as a single fire incident below the observation point, on the North entrance to Cumbre (Benitachell side) at about 15:30 on Sunday 4th September, very quickly became a much greater fire fanned by very strong Southerly winds.

By dusk 3 separate fires were burning between Cumbre and Javea sea front.

Despite the brilliant and courageous efforts of all the emergency services, enormous devastation was inflicted over the area.

This continued into Monday 5th Sept when the fires swept across the natural park area from Cumbre to Granadella, causing even greater destruction of the natural habitat, despite the never ending efforts of everyone involved in fighting the inferno.

There has been minor damage to property on Cumbre, but much more damage nearby and in Javea.

Please please take great care at all times and remember all fires are banned. If you see any smoke or fire call 112 immediately. “Do not leave it and think someone else will report it”.






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