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Maintain Photographic Record of your valuables or treasured items

Published 9th June 2016

A good best practice from a recent burglary was the importance of having photographs of all your most valuable, or treasured, items.  The resident of the property had a lot of expensive and recently purchased equipment, which fortunately he had taken photographs off as well as the purchase receipts.  These photographs were given to the police, and in the event that the stolen items are ever recovered, they are more likely to be returned to the original owner.  This should also benefit any insurance claim.  We strongly recommend you consider photographing all of your valuables, or treasured, items for these reasons.

Note: please make backup copies of your photos .. either on a separate device or in the Cloud. Do not store them just electronically on one device, in case that device is amongst the items stolen in a burglary!


Audible Property Alarms

Published 9th June 2016

A recent burglary of a house on Cumbre had a number of worrying aspects, notably that the house that was broken into had an active alarm at the time of the break-in, which wasn’t audible because the alarm ‘bell’ was located internally.

We have been trying to determine the law with regard to alarm bells, and whilst it was the case at one time that you couldn’t legally have an external bell, it appears that this is not still the case.  The primary requirements now are that the alarm system should be monitored by the alarm company and/or there is a key-holder nearby who could de-activate an alarm that was ringing.

We strongly encourage you to re-evaluate the location of your alarm bell, and if you don’t currently have an external one, then you should consider having one added by your alarm company.

Please do use your alarm and also change the PIN on a regular basis.

Note:  Unfortunately, NHW cannot act as a key-holder, you should ideally use a neighbour who is in audible distance of your property.  In the event of the alarm sounding, if in doubt the key-holder should call the police in case the burglar is still present.

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