Hypocrisy in our Town Hall

From the Committee

On Thursday 8th we posted on several Facebook pages in Benitachell about the Town Hall welcoming the new Dutch Club as an Association in Benitachell. It claims that there are almost 500 members and the statements from Councillor Van t’ Hoff , ‘’ I have encouraged them to participate actively in the political life of the municipality ” is duly noted especially the part re ‘’participating actively in the political life of the municipality’’. Councillor Rheindorf goes on to say ‘’As a councillor of Residents of a multicultural population we support all the initiatives of associations that arise from foreign residents because their help is indispensable to create together a more united, more participative and plural society”.

Make no mistake we welcome this group to Benitachell but we could not relate almost 500 members to the Dutch residents on our Padron. We think this will clarify matters for you. Please look at this link to NVOC  It can be easily translated using Google translate

This Association, as the Town Hall call it, is in fact a Dutch-Flemish leisure club (NVOC), based in Moraira and shows some 450 members, both residents and tourists, mainly from outside of Benitachell in the area from Javea to Calpe. It appears to be a very successful group with many ‘’social’’ activities on offer and it is moving it’s Clubhouse from Moraira to Benitachell from the start of April.

What troubles us is that this Club is being actively encouraged to take part in the political life in Benitachell. It infers the ability to be represented and influence decision making in Benitachell when the vast majority of its members do not live within the municipality. How can that possibly be when current legally registered and multi- national Associations in Benitachell, with only Benitachell residents as members are refused representation, communication or the ability to hold meetings with the Benitachell government.

The hypocrisy of this is appalling and clearly shows the democratic principles of our Town Hall.


Tom Blackie

President, Asociacion Vecinos Puig LLorenca (Cumbre Residents Association)

This message is issued by the committee of Asociacion Vecinos Puig LLorenca, (Cumbre Residents Association) elected and acting on behalf of the members.


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